In V6/V7 of our software (SyncBackFree, SyncBackSE & SyncBackPro), suppressing the Differences window has no effect for manual Restores or for Simulated Runs - the Differences window will always be displayed:

The former is because we believe there is potential/inherent risk in starting a process which may propose to overwrite what was (until very recently) your 'live' data, and for that reason we believe you should always review any proposed actions. The latter is because viewing what the proposed actions would be (if run 'live') is presumably the reason for running a Simulation anyway.

The former may have an unwanted effect if you run a profile imported from V3 freeware that you previously used to back up from an FTP server (which - in V3 - required that you set it up as a backup to FTP, but then ran it 'in reverse' to achieve data-flow in the opposite direction). It was possible V3 freeware users might want to run such a profile without the Differences window displaying, and thus in V3 freeware, that was possible, because suppressing the Differences window (globally) also suppressed it for Restores.

It is no longer possible to do that in SyncBackFree V6/V7 (or any other current SyncBack version into which you Import such a profile), because running in Restore mode in V6/V7 will always display the Differences window (as mentioned above). But it is possible to work around this, because in V6/V7 (including SyncBackFree), it is possible to create such a backup from FTP server directly - via the New Profile wizard - so that specifically running it as a Restore is not necessary (unless you actually want to Restore to the FTP side). The previous reversal of data-flow is still required, but in V6/V7 this is now handled internally automatically. Simply create a fresh profile, select your FTP server as your Source and your local resource (hard disk, etc.,) as Destination, then run it as a normal Backup (or Mirror). Note that such a profile will display in the main window with FTP as Destination & 'local' as Source, but with a different icon under Type reflecting the reversed data-flow of Source < Destination. This is not a bug, but a reflection of how it works internally.

Idea: you may wish to consider creating a named Shared Setting for FTP from the imported V3 freeware profile (see the Help on Shared Settings for how to do that), then simply re-use it for the new profile (simply select the Shared Settings name you chose from the corresponding named entry in the FTP section of the New Profile wizard Source drop-list). After doing so  - and having tested the new profile - you may wish to delete the old V3 imported profile, to avoid confusion. Doing so will not delete the Shared Settings, which are stored separately to and are independent of the profile/s.