Note: Support for CD/DVD burning was removed in SyncBackPro V9.

This article provides information about common errors when copying files to a CD/DVD and old DLA/UDF software is being used.

If old DLA (Drive Letter Access) or UDF software is being used to copy files to a CD/DVD then typical errors are:

- Non-Allocatable Space Not in destination, Failed to copy source: Cannot copy file (2): The system cannot find the file specified

- Folders cannot be created on the CD/DVD

- Access denied error messages

Update your CD/DVD burning software (DLA/UDF) to the latest version.

If you are using SyncBackPro V8 (or earlier versions on Windows Vista or earlier) then there is no need to use DLA or UDF software. Simply create a profile that does a backup to CD/DVD. If you are using SyncBackPro V8 (or earlier) on Windows 8 or newer then please refer to our KB article.