The email cannot be deleted because it is not a rescan.

This error is recorded in the log when the following conditions are met:

  • You are using SyncBackPro
  • The profile is backup to email profile
  • It is a Fast Backup profile
  • The profile run is not a rescan
  • The profile is set to delete files only on the destination (the email server)

It occurs because SyncBackPro cannot delete emails from the server. It cannot delete the emails because it does not know the unique identifiers for the emails on the email server and it needs those unique identifiers to tell the email server which emails to delete. Because it has not scanned the email server (because it is a Fast Backup and it is not a rescan, so the destination has not been scanned) it does not know those unique identifiers.

To stop this error being recorded: modify the profile, switch to Expert mode, go to the To Email -> Advanced settings page, and tick the checkbox "If an email cannot be deleted because it is not a re-scan then ignore it".

Applies to: SyncBackPro V8 (or older) version