We are pleased to report that our commercial programs are fully compatible with Windows 8 (or newer)  with one exception: SyncBackPro and raw CD/DVD burning. The current version of SyncBackPro, to the best of our knowledge at this time, will only be able to create CD/DVDs when run in Windows 7 compatibility mode. We therefore want to engage the views of the SyncBackPro user community to see whether continued support of raw optical disk burning continues to be valuable given the plethora of newer and more convenient storage strategies, including Cloud storage.

SyncBackPro first supported raw CD/DVD burning over four years ago with the release of V5.0.0.12. In those days, a DVD could still be counted as a relatively large capacity storage option, but things have changed, and we're now all used to 2 TB drives. Let's have a look to see how DVDs stack up.

The most common kind of DVD is called a DVD-5 (1 side, 1 layer) having 4.7GB of storage. Double-sided DVDs are rarely used, but here are some other options - if you can find the disks:

  • DVD-9 8.54GB Single sided, Dual layer
  • DVD-10 9.40GB Double sided, Single layers
  • DVD-14 13.24GB Double sided, One side single layer, one side dual layer
  • DVD-18 17.08GB Double sided, Dual layer

So as we can see, the largest possible capacity for DVD is a little over 17GB. Some may have a Blu-Ray writer, and that does provide a little larger capacity at 25GB (single-layer), or 50GB (dual). The capacity of the Flash drive on a digital camera here at 2BrightSparks HQ is 64GB, so it's not hard to see why CD/DVD/Blu-Ray are quickly becoming redundant for data storage.

DVDs are costly, generally take longer to backup to as compared with an external drive, and are not as reliable media as external high capacity hard drives, which are now commonplace and relatively inexpensive. This all adds up to a strong case against SyncBackPro's continuing support of raw CD/DVD burning. The release of Windows 8 has forced the issue as although it will be possible to continue to use SyncBackPro to burn raw optical disks, it will only be able to do so in Windows 7 compatibility mode. This is far from ideal, and we are considering whether, in the next version of SyncBackPro, we stop supporting burning altogether.

If you have comments on this article, please Contact Us and express your views.