Removal of 'split' function from S3-compatible Cloud functionality (SyncBackPro 6.1.x)

If you previously used the option to split files into chunks when backing up to Amazon S3 or S3-compatible cloud resources (e.g. Google Storage), and you update to SyncBackPro v6.1.x.x, you may receive the following error message in respect of such profiles:

The profile "profile name" contains settings that cannot be used with this version of SyncBackPro

This 'split' feature is no longer supported as the size restriction was greatly increased in SyncBackPro V6.1. Using that 'split' feature had a large performance impact, and with the size restriction effectively removed, the feature was removed. SyncBackPro has automatically disabled profiles using the "split files" setting to stop their accidental use. There are two options if you have split files in a bucket:

1. If you do not need the split files on the cloud (e.g. you have a local copy or another backup) then you could re-enable the profile (right-click on it in the main user interface and select Enable from the pop-up menu) and run it. SyncBackPro will automatically delete all the split files on the cloud, including any versions which are split. Depending on the configuration of your profile, it will then re-upload your local copies of those split files.

2. If you do not have another copy of the split files on the cloud (i.e. the cloud copies are the only copies) then you will need to restore the split files using an older version of SyncBackPro:

  • Download and install SyncBackPro V6.0. Install over your current version. Do not uninstall.
  • Re-enable the disabled cloud profiles that are using the "split files" setting (you can re-enable the profile(s) by right-clicking on them and selecting Enable from the pop-up menu).
  • Restore your split files by running the cloud profiles in Restore mode. From the Differences window you could then choose only the split files (which files are split depends upon their size, there is no way to tell from the Differences window if a file is split or not).
  • Now you have a local copy of your split files.
  • Download and install SyncBackPro V6.1 or newer. Install over the V6.0 version. Do not uninstall.
  • Depending on the configuration of your profile, when the new cloud profiles are run they will re-upload the files.

If you are unsure about what to do please Contact Support before you do anything.