Defining Educational Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations

A non-profit organization is one specifically formed for purposes other than operating a profit-seeking business, such as a charitable, religious, educational, or scientific purposes.

An Educational Institution is an approved, accredited, or licensed public or nonprofit institution, facility, entity, or organization conducting educational programs, including research for any such programs, such as a child care center, school, college, university, or special needs school.

501 C (6) organizations are non-profit, e.g.Chambers of commerce, Trade associations, Real estate boards, Professional associations, etc.

Government organizations are generally not classed as non-profit, however, if in doubt please Contact Support.

The SyncBack Family of Products

SyncBack freeware was released in November 2003, and millions of downloads have been enjoyed by Educational bodies, Charitable organizations, businesses, Churches, and Individuals since that time. SyncBackFree builds on the previous free version and continues to be used by numerous non-profit organizations around the world.

SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro are commercial products and offer significant advantages over its freeware namesake. Compare all versions of the program here:

Education and Non-Profit (ENP) Licensing

We offer volume licensing of SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro for Educational Institutions and Non Profit Organizations at significant discounts as compared with commercial licensing. Review the discounts on this page for details: