If you are a tax exempt non-profit organization and you have been charged sales tax or VAT during your purchase at our web-store, it may be because you are purchasing from a location which requires the payment of sales tax or VAT.

2BrightSparks is using a web-store hosted by FastSpring (our payment processor) and FastSpring may charge VAT or sales tax depending on your country of origin.

If you wish to purchase software from 2BrightSparks, are an organization in the United States and are a tax exempt organization, we can provide you with a special URL to make a tax exempt purchase. You must send your tax-exempt certificate and the following information:

1. First and Last name for the order:

2. Email Address: 

3. State and a Zip Code:

4. SyncBack Product name (SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE):

5. Quantity:

Note that you must provide a valid tax exempt exempt certificate with the above information. Without all the information we cannot provide you with a special purchase URL.

For more details on the VAT and tax charges, please refer to this article: