SBMS is free to use with SyncBackPro V10 (or newer). To use it for free with SyncBackPro V10/V11 you must enter a SyncBackPro serial number into SBMS Server via the SBMS Console.

For SyncBackPro V9 and older versions

The licensing of the SBMS provides an easy-to-understand rate on a per-connection basis (for each installation connection of SyncBackPro and the SBM Console). 

While we appreciate there will be some users who wish to purchase the SBMS for their personal use, the audience of the SBMS is businesses and organizations. In contrast with SyncBackSE/Pro, there is no personal use (home use) licensing for the SBMS. 

In summary, customers need to purchase the number of licenses equivalent to the maximum number of concurrent SyncBackPro (and SBM Console) connections. For example, if you have 5 SyncBackPro installations then you will need 5 licenses for SBMS. However, if you connect to SBMS using the SBM Console at the same time all 5 installations of SyncBackPro are connected to SBMS, then you'll need 6 licenses for SBMS (as there will be a maximum of 6 concurrent connections to the SBMS server: 5 of SyncBackPro and 1 of the console).

You may purchase additional licenses to extend the number of SBMS connections.

SBMS installation and setup

The setup of the SBMS is not as straightforward as simply installing a Windows program like SyncBackPro.

Note that the SBMS installs as a Windows service and that the SBM Console connects with the service via a user interface.

The SyncBack Management Console is usually installed on the same network server as the SBM Service for initial setup. After the setup has been completed the SBM Console can however be installed on a manager's machine and used from there.

The SBM Console is one of two clients that can access the SBM Service. The SBM Console is for administrators to manage the SBM Service and monitor the results of the backups under his/her control. The SBM Service utilizes a built-in database so no third-party database server is required.

The SBMS can be installed as a 30-day trial so you may evaluate as to whether it will meet your needs: