This article provides some advice for those who find difficulty making a payment on our Web Store.

Check list

Our Web Store is a very robust Internet payment environment. We receive very few negative comments about our store (less than 0.01%) , but sometimes users experience problems during the payment process.

Here are some examples of problems encountered:

1. Invalid or incorrect credit card number entered

2. Incorrect or expired card expiration date

3. A hold has been placed on your credit card account by the bank

4. A restriction may have been placed on the account. For example, the account cannot be used outside the country where the card was issued

5. Insufficient funds

6. If you are using Paypal as payment method and it's failing, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The billing address associated with your Paypal account could not be confirmed.
  • The transaction exceeds the card limit.
  • The transaction was denied by the card issuer.

If you want resubmit an order, we suggest that you close all browser windows and start with a fresh browsing session before attempting the order.

If you would like to purchase our software again, please
visit our web-store.

You can also try using a different credit card to see if it is successful.

If the above suggestions did not work, please contact our email support for further assistance:

Contact Support