In SyncBack, users are able to save custom settings made on the current configuration page as defaults so that whenever a new profile is created, those custom default settings will be loaded automatically in the new profile. This option can be found under:

Modify profile > burger menu (top-left of Profile Setup window) > Save as Defaults

There is an option to revert the custom default settings back to the factory default settings under:

Modify profile > burger menu (top-left of Profile Setup window) > Revert to factory settings

However, note that both the Save as Defaults and Revert to factory settings options are page specific settings. This means that only the settings on the current page is affected; it does not affect the whole profile.

There may be cases when several settings pages have being saved as defaults in the past, thus making it difficult to identify which settings have been customized before. In such situations, users can choose to delete the default settings configuration file, which will remove all stored custom defaults from the program. Thus, any new profile created after the file is deleted will only have factory settings. This is useful in certain situations. For example, when users have too many custom default settings saved, and would prefer to start over with a clean slate.

If you wish to delete the default configuration file, look for (and delete) the file "DefProfSettings.ini" where it is stored by default in the users private local Application Data folder. This is typically:


(In all cases, adjust the final folder to \SyncBackPro if using the Pro version, \SyncBackSE if using the SE version or \SyncBackFree if using the Free version).