This article details the steps you need to take in order to receive email responses from 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd. This applies to both Support Requests and our Mailing List.

If you wish to email us about a sales query, inform us about an article, are a representative of the media, or a user of our commercial (licensed) software, please Contact Support.


2BrightSparks never discloses email addresses unless required to do so by law. Please read our Privacy Statement.

Spam Blocking

This includes important information to our users concerning Spam blocking.

Spam control software features are designed to block 'junk' email or email from unknown or unwanted senders. However, these blocking techniques may cause the unintended consequence of blocking messages that you really want to receive.

You may not receive an email reply from Support Ticketing, or our Mailing List if:

1. Your Internet service provider offers a Spam blocking feature that requires the sender (2BrightSparks) to first respond to a return email in order to be added to a 'whitelist' or approved sender list.

2. You have purchased software for your personal computer that requires the sender (2BrightSparks) to first respond to a return email in order to be added to an approved sender list.

3. You have manually created an approved sender list.

4. Other spam blocking techniques are employed by you or your Internet service provider.

Positive Steps

Taking the following steps will decrease the possibility that our reply to your inquiry will be blocked:

Add the appropriate 2BrightSparks source email address(es) to your 'approved sender' or 'whitelist'. This must be done for all of the 2BrightSparks email addresses you might receive emails from:

support [ at ] 2brightsparks [ dot ] com [Sales, Media and Technical Support]

ml [ at ] 2brightsparks [ dot ] com [Mailing List]

2BrightSparks will continue to work towards finding solutions to the problem created by the proliferation of spam email. However, there is no immediate solution that will address the wide variety of spam blocking techniques currently being used, so we ask for your patience and assistance.