Our core products SyncBackLite, SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro are backup software. You can find out more about these products from the following pages:

SyncBackLiteSyncBackSE | SyncBackPro | OnClick Utilities

We are sometimes contacted by customers who do not remember purchasing a license. Ninety nine percent of the time in scenarios like these, a colleague has purchased software on behalf of the company.

If you have checked with members of your household and your colleagues as to whether an order was made on your behalf and have not been successful, then you will need to report this issue as soon as possible to your bank, our payment processor and ourselves.

If you do not do so it is likely your card will be listed as being used fraudulently. This will prevent you from using your card elsewhere and/or the prompt replacement of your card. In this scenario we advise you therefore contact your card issuer and inform them of this issue to order a new card as quickly as possible.