If you used the default installation procedure you may uninstall the program by going to Windows Start > All Programs > 2BrightSparks > SyncBackFree/SE/Pro > Uninstall SyncBackFree/SE/Pro.

The exception to this is if you installed the program in a custom location, in which case you will have to find out where SyncBack is located. You can easily find this using the Windows search facility.

If you downloaded the no-install version, you need to find the folder you originally chose to locate the program, and delete all the files.

Please be aware that uninstalling will delete your profiles. Export your profiles before uninstalling if you wish to keep them. All versions of SyncBack can safely be installed over an existing installation. By doing this, you will ensure any profiles you have created continue to be active.

Lastly, make sure that SyncBack is not running while you attempt to uninstall. Remember that SyncBack can be seen in the taskbar on the lower right when active (you may need to click the little left pointing arrow to see the SyncBack icon). You may have also created a scheduled task which you will need to disable if uninstalling. Using the Task Manager you can also check to see if the process SyncBackPro.exe, SyncBackSE.exe or SyncBackFree.exe is currently running.