Profiles are automatically backed up by default on program exit. Click on burger menu > Global Settings > Settings Backup page to see the location of the profile backup folder. This fully automated method is not supported in SyncBackFree.

It is also possible to export profiles via the command line parameter -export. This can be called from the command-line via the normal methods, and you can also use it to semi-automate the process from within SyncBack. To have all your profiles automatically backed up add the following to the Programs > Before for one of your regularly run profiles. You also need to tick the option Wait until the program has finished before running profile. When the profile is run it will export a backup of all your profiles to a sub-folder called Profiles in your source directory:

"%THISPROGRAM%" -export * "%_Source%\Profiles"

Manually Exporting Profiles

  • Run SyncBack 
  • Press Ctrl-A to select all visible profiles (you may have some profiles hidden in collapsed Groups, which won't be selected/included unless you expand them first)
  • Select Export / Import -> Export Profile from the main menu
  • Save the profiles to a directory that is backed up