2BrightSparks offer 2 types of payment methods for resellers - commission and direct discounts.

Resellers who prefer commission-based payment can join our affiliate program. Benefits include visual charts to track past purchases and your company details will be published on our resellers listing.

Commission are consolidated and held for 30 days before payout on the 15th of each month.

You can find details about our affiliate scheme at:

Discount (coupon)
Resellers who prefer direct discounts can apply for a reseller coupon code. The coupon code has a limit on usage decided by 2BrightSparks, which can be reset upon request once all the coupons are used up. Coupon code deducts the reseller discount directly off the product listed price and can be applied at our webstore.

Note that resellers who uses coupon code discounts will not be eligible to have their company contacts published on our resellers listing page.

If you are a reseller and want to apply for a coupon code, please contact 2BrightSparks.

Note - Reseller can choose either commission-based or direct discounts but not both. If resellers decides to switch from one payment method to the other, 2BrightSparks will disable the previous payment method automatically.