Windows 11/10

Click on the Start menu and type 'task scheduler'.

Windows 7

Go to the Control Panel > [System & Security ] > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.

Then follow the rest of the instructions as per provided under the Windows Vista section to find the actual Tasks. You may (depending on your Windows configuration) also have a shortcut to Administrative Tools directly on the Start menu. You can set one by right-clicking Start orb > Properties > Customize > System administrative tools if you wish.

Note: in recent versions of Windows, you can also get to the Task Scheduler by right-clicking (My) Computer > Manage > [System Tools] > Task Scheduler.

Windows Vista

Go to the Control Panel, switch to Classic View (option on the left of the window), double-click Administrative Tools, then double-click Task Scheduler. On the left of the Task Scheduler window you must expand the tree to Task Scheduler (Local) > Task Scheduler Library > 2BrightSparks > SyncBack (if SyncBackSE, or > SyncBackPro/SyncBackFree, as/if appropriate). Under the appropriate node are entries for users (with a machine name prefix). Click on the node that includes your login username.