How do I have the computer shutdown automatically once a profile has been run via a schedule?

Assuming you are using Windows Vista or newer (thus, the new Windows Task Scheduler included in those versions of Windows):

1. Start the Task Scheduler from Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Task Scheduler
2. In the left tree view of the Task Scheduler, browse to 2BrightSparks -> SyncBack* -> PCName-Username

* as shown if using SyncBackSE; with SyncBackPro, this node will be named SyncBackPro. If using SyncBackFree, SyncBackFree

3. Select the scheduled task of the profile from the top panel
4. Right-click and select Properties
5. Go to the tab Actions
6. Click on the button Edit
7. Add  " -shutdown" (without the double-quotes, and note there is a space before the dash) to the existing arguments of "Add arguments" edit box. Be careful not to replace the existing arguments (-m switch and profile/group name) but to append to them, not forgetting the intervening space before the dash/switch.

(You can optionally use the additional arguments -hibernate or -standby instead, depending what you want to achieve. You should use only one of these three arguments. Whichever one you use, it should be the last argument in the command string)

8. Click OK.  Note - if the following dialog is then displayed (due to a bug in Windows), you must click the NO button:

It appears as though arguments have been included in the Program textbox.

Do you want to run the following program:

with the following arguments:
  Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackSE\SyncBackSE.exe -m [PROFILENAME] -shutdown

If you click Yes, the result will trigger but never successfully invoke SyncBack, because it broke the command-string in the wrong place (the Windows bug), and thereafter will try to call an application C:\Program which of course it is unlikely to find.

How do I have the computer shutdown automatically once a profile has been run manually?

If you have manually run a profile, and want the computer to shutdown (or reboot), after all the profiles have finished running, then you can do so via Preferences in the burger menu (at the top-left of the window). See the option When all profiles end.