I emailed you a technical support question directly. Why did you not answer?

We often receive technical support questions that are emailed directly to our private email addresses instead of being submitted to the appropriate address: support [at] 2brightsparks [dot] com. Although we try our best to answer emails, some that are sent to an inappropriate address will fall through the net.

If you have a support question use our Support Contact Form for any of the following:

  • Sales inquiry (pricing, volume discounts & licensing queries, etc)
  • Pre-sales technical questions
  • Software or Website Feature Requests
  • Requesting a copy for review purposes
  • Informing us of a feature or review of our software
  • Other press or media information and requests

The form saves you time as the answer is probably already in our support system as a Knowledge Base article which will be presented to you as you complete the form. If no answer appears that addresses your issue, then you are welcome to submit your request and we'll do our best to respond promptly.

If you decide to send us an email, please provide as much information as possible.
Review our Support Policy for the full details.

There also may be temporary network problems, server failures, spam filters, user errors, etc. that may result in us not receiving your email or contact form. If you think your email to us has been lost, as a last resort, you could also send us a message on Twitter or on Facebook. Please note that we do not answer support questions on social media, but do contact us if you think your original email has been lost.

If you need to retrieve your serial number visit the following page: