Do I require an Internet connection to validate my serial number?

No. You do not require or need an Internet connection (or any type of network connection) to validate any serial number. Serial numbers can be entered offline and a network connection is not required to validate the serial number. All 2BrightSparks software can be used offline.

However, it may be required to connect to the Internet to verify if Upgrade Assurance was previously purchased. However, you can enter an offline serial number to update your subscription details without a network connection. You can retrieve your offline Upgrade Assurance serial by visiting:

and enter your serial numbers in the form. The result page will show you the offline serial number to use. Enter the serial number under: SyncBackPro/SE  main-window > About > "Click here to enter offline Upgrade Assurance Serial Number".

If you did not purchase Upgrade Assurance, then you will not be affected by this. If Upgrade Assurance was purchased, it may necessary for SyncBackSE/Pro to connect to our database for subscription checking and validation.