How Do I Search the 2BrightSparks Website?

* Please note that the Search function on 2BrightSparks website is currently disabled. Search function on our forum and support pages are still working.

The easiest method of finding an article or FAQ is to use the search facility on the right of every page -  enter a word or short phrase. 

Alternatively, drill-down through the categorized articles and FAQs.

Advanced Search

When you want to search for specific terms like 'FTP', or your search is returning too many results, use the 'Advanced Search' that appears below each article after a search is performed.

The Advanced Search facility is useful when the normal search facility is not returning the results you're looking for.

For some single words, and terms like 'FTP', select 'Match Whole Word Only'.

Remember to click the lower search button for Advanced Searches.