0x80070005 - Access is denied error message when scheduling a profile

When scheduling a profile you may receive this error.

There are several possible reasons for getting this error message from the Windows Task Scheduler:

  • You've entered the wrong password. The password you use must be the same one you use to login to Windows. If you do not have a login password then you do not need to enter any password. If you are on a domain check to make sure the username in the schedule is the same when you login as, e.g. domain\username. Note you cannot use your login PIN. It must be your Windows login password. This is a requirement of Windows.
  • You have a blank/empty password and have not allowed SyncBackSE/Pro to remove that security restriction in Windows. When you schedule a profile in SyncBackSE/Pro, and it detects that security restriction is in place, it will prompt you to remove it unless you've configured it not to. See under: burger menu (3 horizontal lines on top-left of SyncBack main-window) > Global Settings > and the checkbox "Prompt me to remove the blank password restriction..."
  • Windows requires Scheduled Tasks be created by an Administrator. This is because Scheduled Tasks in these versions of Windows circumvent User Access Control (because no-one may be present to answer any UAC prompt), so that you need to be an Administrator to have the privileges to create such Tasks in the first place.
  • Depending on the security policy of your installation, you may also need to be an Administrator to create schedules.
  • If acceptable, you could try setting the profile to run only when you are logged in. This means no password is required and so it may resolve the issue.

See our Windows Task Scheduler article for further details: