IMPORTANT: In July 2019 Google stopped 3rd party software and web services from accessing Gmail using OAUTH2. You now need to use application specific passwords.

Gmail 2-step Verification and SyncBack

You can use SyncBack with Gmail accounts where 2-step verification has been inaugurated by simply creating and using an application-specific password in Gmail after logging in to the Gmail service:

Use the application-specific password in SyncBack (instead of the password you would use to log in to Gmail manually) with your normal Gmail address for the account in question.

If not using 2-step Verification

You need to configure Gmail to allow access to it from SyncBack:

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Go to the settings in Gmail (click the gear icon at the top-right and click Settings from the menu)
  • Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings tab
  • Make sure Enable POP for all mail and Enable IMAP are enabled. Save the changes.
  • You also need to allow access via less secure apps. To do this visit


To send emails to a gmail email account:

  • Modify your profile and go to the Log -> Email Log settings page of the profile configuration
  • Set the Hostname to (or as appropriate if different for your gmail account)
  • Set the To as appropriate, and From as your gmail address, e.g.
  • Enter an email Subject, e.g. Log file for %PROFILENAME%
  • Tick the Must login to email server checkbox
  • Enter your gmail address as the Username and enter your Gmail Password
  • Go to the Log -> Advanced settings page
  • Select either Use STARTTLS command or Direct SSL/TLS connection
  • Make sure the Port setting is left as zero. This ensures that SyncBack will automatically choose the correct port number based on your settings.
  • Go to the Log -> Email Log settings page and click the Test Email Settings button to make sure the settings are correct