Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (0x8007052E)

You may see this error for a Scheduled profile (possibly in the Last Scheduled Run Error column, or elsewhere), and the profile itself did not start at the Scheduled time because of it.

The most likely reason is that your Windows login password has changed, so you need to update the Scheduled Task to use your new password. Windows does not automatically update the passwords of Scheduled Tasks when you change your password. To update the schedules:

  • Select the scheduled profile in the main window
  • Click the Schedule button
  • Click the Edit Schedule button
  • Click OK and you will be prompted for your new Windows login password

You only need to correct the password for one Schedule. All the other Schedules using that username are automatically updated by Windows to use the new password.

If you have not
 changed your Windows login password, this error suggests corruption in the database the Windows Task Scheduler uses to store credentials. You may be able to recover by deleting and re-creating the applicable Schedule(d Task), but users' reports (and web searches) tend to suggest that if this starts happening spontaneously, it may recur. It is possible only a Windows reinstall will fix it. Note that the Windows Task Scheduler is not part of our software, it is part of your system.