This article provides information about the error message VSS_E_PROVIDER_VETO error on volume that may appear in the log files when attempting to copy open / locked files.

The error is generated by Windows refusing SyncBackSE/Pro's request to use the Volume Shadow-copy Service (VSS). Possible reasons why Windows is refusing / giving this error:

  • The file being copied is on a FAT32 partition and either there is no NTFS or ReFS partition on an internal drive or that NTFS or ReFS partition has less than 100MB of free disk space. Open / locked files can be copied from FAT32 partitions only if there is also an NTFS or ReFS partition on an internal drive (it cannot be an external drive) and it has enough free disk space.
  • There was too much disk activity so Windows could not create a snapshot of the drive. Stop any unnecessary programs to reduce disk activity.