The most popular desktop search programs are (at time of writing):

  • Google Desktop Search
  • Copernic Desktop Search (Copernicus)
  • Yahoo! Desktop Search
  • MSN Search Toolbar
  • Ask Jeeves Desktop Search
  • X1 Desktop Search
  • Lookout

These programs are constantly running in the background and during idle time will index the files on your computer. For example, they will scan your outlook.pst file and index all your email, contacts, etc. When these desktop search programs are indexing the files they must open them which sometimes means the file is locked. For example, even if Outlook itself is not running the desktop search program may still have the file open. This can sometimes stop the file from being copied by backup programs.

In most cases SyncBackSE/Pro will still be able to copy the files even when they’re locked by the desktop search program. SyncBackFree will probably fail (as it cannot copy locked files). If the files cannot be copied the solution is to modify your profile and have Run Before and Run After programs that will stop and then re-start the desktop search program so it won’t be running while the files are being copied.

You will need to contact their technical support on how to stop and restart their software. If they are implemented as services then you may be able to stop or pause the service.