In some situations you may have lost your profiles and need to restore them, e.g. Windows was re-installed, a profile has become corrupted, you accidentally deleted a profile, etc. By default, SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro will automatically backup all your profiles when the program is closed.

Assuming you have not changed the default profile backup settings, a backup copy of your profiles can be found in the following folder (replace [username] with your Windows login username):

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\2BrightSparks\SyncBack\Profiles Backup

Inside that folder there will be sub-folders called Mon, Tue, etc., and inside those folders are backups of your profiles. It puts backups into a different folder depending on what day it is, so that if you make a mistake in a profile you can always go back to a different day's backup to retrieve the old copy. To import the profiles use Export/Import -> Import Profile from the main menu. Please note that the AppData folder is hidden by Windows so you will need to configure Windows File Explorer to show hidden file and folders.


  • The above paths use SyncBackSE as an example. SyncBackPro users should change the path as appropriate.
  • SyncBackFree does not support automated profile backups, only manually via the Export/Import tab > Import profile
  • It is possible to modify the profile backup path, which may thus differ from the defaults shown above. Burger menu > Global Settings > Settings tab will display it, and optionally open it using the button provided. If the path has been modified, the DAY variable/concept implied above may not apply.
  • You should always Import any Group profiles last, i.e. Import the individual profiles in a Group before Importing the Group itself. If you do not, any empty Groups (with no member profiles or sub-Groups yet imported) will immediately self-delete as part of the internal housekeeping. You can recover from this by Importing just those Group profiles again. If you have nested Groups, you should Import them in the order 'inner' to 'outer' for the same reason.
  • You should probably Force Rescan on any restored Fast Backup profiles, and Clear History on any restored sync profiles unless you are absolutely sure the contents of one side or both (as applicable) are still exactly the same as they were at the time of the backup of the profile (and thus, the state data included therein). Otherwise you may be forcing the profile(s) to base their deductions & decisions 'going forward' on location contents or assumed actions (absences now that imply recent deletions, etc.) that are out of date.