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How To Restore From Version Files

Restoring from a Backup

Special Restore Cases

You can choose the files and folders to restore from "Choose sub-directories and files" settings page on the restore wizard. Simply select the file you want to restore and deselect the remaining. Note that you will still have an opportunity to select files and folders to restore once the profile is run via the Differences window.

To select a file from the Differences Window, select the profile in the main window and click the Restore button. The Restore Wizard window will appear and ask you a number of questions on how the files should be restored, where from, and where to (you can restore to a different folder, and/or from a particular path\folder within your backup).

Once those questions have been answered (so that SyncBack knows which locations to compare), it will scan those locations. Once SyncBack has scanned your backup files, the Differences window will appear. In the Differences window you can change the Action to Skip for those files you do not wish to restore. The actions of multiple files can be changed by simply selecting* the files, right-clicking on the selection, and then selecting the action from the pop-up menu. Shortcut keys are also available, e.g. select files and press Ctrl-S to have them skipped.  See the help file for more details.

* Standard multiple-selection methods such as Ctrl-click, Shift-click are available to cherry-pick files and/or select blocks of files. 
If the desired files are in the minority, you can also Select All, Skip (all), then change the action of the 'desired' files back to an action that processes them, which is likely a much more efficient choice process.