Sometimes SyncBackSE/Pro scans the destination directory even though I've enabled Fast Backups. Why?

There are a number of reasons why SyncBackSE/Pro may scan the destination directory:

  • The Force Rescan button has been pressed for that profile.
  • The settings on the Fast Backup page of the profile configuration specify a Re-scan should be performed under certain conditions.
  • If any of the following settings for a profile are changed then a Re-scan is forced when the profile is next run: Sub-directories, File masks, Directory masks, or sub-directory selections changed.
  • Fast Backups are never done when doing a Restore, i.e. both Source and Destination are always scanned when it is a Restore.
  • If you also use Versioning on the Destination, and you run the profile manually, and have it configured to display the Differences window, this forces SyncBackSE/Pro to scan every folder on the Destination to see which Versions are available for each file (or not) - in order to display the Version information in the Differences window. It is possible in SyncBackSE/Pro and later to manually Run (no Action changes allowed) via the Task or context menu, which deliberately does not scan for & display Versions (hence you cannot restore one, etc.), thus avoiding this issue. You cannot change individual proposed Actions in the resulting Differences window when run in such a mode, however, you can review proposed Actions and Abort the run entirely if you spot any Actions that are potentially deleterious/unwanted.
  • If you do use Versioning on the Destination, note also that 'normal' file activity (copying an updated file from Source to Destination) will force the profile to scan the Versions location on the Destination corresponding to that changed file - to update (delete, etc) the Versions, if any (or to create one, etc). The above 'Run (no Action changes allowed)' option will have no effect on the scanning required to actually 'maintain' the Versions (it only suppresses the need to display them beforehand).

Either of these last two situations can slow down a Fast Backup to a greater or lesser extent, which is why it states in the Help on the Versioning page that "[using Versioning] can greatly reduce the performance gains you get with Fast Backup".

SyncBackFree does not support Fast Backup or Versioning: this article applies only to SyncBackSE/Pro