This error message can be given for the following reasons:

  • A profile with that name already exists: Profile names must be unique. Check to make sure you don't already have a profile with that name, e.g. you may have SyncBack set to display groups only and the profile is not displayed because it's not in a group.
  • There is a corrupted profile with that name: This can happen when a profile is in the process of being created and SyncBack is unexpectedly terminated, e.g. the computer is switched off or the operating system crashes.

When SyncBack is started it will automatically check to see if there are any corrupted profiles, and if so, it will prompt you and ask you if you'd like them deleted. If you are still having issues, then you can manually delete corrupt profiles using the following technique:

  • Run SyncBackSE/Pro/Free
  • Choose burger menu > Global Settings > Settings menu
  • Click on the Settings.ini link at the bottom of the page
  • A Windows File Explorer window will open. Look for a file called ProfileName_Settings.ini and delete it.