How do I upgrade / update my existing SyncBack, FindOnClick, UndeleteOnClick, etc. installation?

If you are upgrading to a new version simply install the new version. By default it will update your existing installation. Do not uninstall first otherwise you may lose your settings. For example, if you are upgrading from SyncBackFree to SyncBackSE simply install SyncBackSE (not to the same folder as SyncBackFree) and when SyncBackSE is first run it will automatically import all your SyncBackFree profiles and settings. You can now uninstall SyncBackFree if you wish.

If you are switching from 32-bit to 64-bit, e.g. SyncBackSE 32-bit to SyncBackSE 64-bit, then you must export your profiles, uninstall the 32-bit version, install the 64-bit version and then import your profiles.

Note: automated profile imports will not include any Schedule information (to avoid double-triggering in both versions, if you leave the older version installed). You would need to delete the Schedules in the older version and re-Schedule the profiles in the newer version (if you want to maintain the Scheduling). Manual Exports from SyncBack will contain a copy of any Schedule (bear in mind the Export may be for backup purposes), and the Schedule info will be Imported manually with the profile if you 'complete the process' of performing such transfers manually. This means you could conceivably have Schedules (set for the same trigger date/times) in two versions of SyncBack at the same time. Moral: if you migrate profiles between SyncBack versions, and do not uninstall the superfluous version/s, always check all versions for Schedules (if desired) and reinstate and/or delete any that should or should not be present.