How do I translate the SyncBack user interface into another language?

If you wish to report translation errors please email and report the following information:

  • Where (e.g. name of window) in the program the incorrect translation is located. If possible, also include the full text of the incorrect translation in the email. Failing that, please include a screenshot of the window.
  • What the full and complete correct translation should be.

If you wish to translate the program into another language, please first check to see if it has already been translated into that language by looking at the help file.

If it has not been translated then download the strings to translate and the instructions on how to translate:

If after looking at the instructions, and strings to translate, you wish to proceed with the translation then please inform 2BrightSparks, via email, that you will be translating it into another language. This is to avoid more than one person translating the program into another language at the same time.