This error occurs when the file in question has an invalid last modification date & time. One way to resolve this problem is to touch the file (so its date is reset) using 3rd party software, e.g.

Sometimes the cause of this problem is software such as 
the Epson scanner software. For the files that have this error try to find the program that is creating those files and see if an upgrade of the software is available.

Similar issues occur with portable media devices, especially cameras and other devices with photographic functions. These are often issues with the device's firmware/operating system, whereby they simply do not set the LastModified stamp at all, meaning the result is either blank or contains corrupt/garbage information. Such a property may be misinterpreted by other firmware and/or operating systems trying to read it (which may then result in that process reporting a valid but inappropriate default date/time such as midnight Dec 31 1899).