The error "not enough server storage available" is shown after a few days of use

When using SyncBack to synchronize / backup between two different computers, and UNC paths are being used, after a few days you may receive the error message Not enough server storage is available from Windows (or other programs) and a network connection error from SyncBack.

To resolve this: modify your profile, enable Expert mode (via the burger menu or Click For Options button), go to the Network\Advanced page, and change the option Do not disconnect from the network after the profile has run.

When setting up a network share on Windows 7/2008, the system will auto-detect the correct SMB version (SMB1/SMB2) but will not always properly revert to SMB1 when needed for Windows XP clients (or any other client that doesn't play nicely with Microsoft's implementation of SMB2). This can cause file corruption and/or simple refusal to properly read/write files on the Windows 7/2008 share.

In a multi-platform environment forcing SBM1 protocol may be the best approach. To disable SMB2 on the server machine, start regedit and navigate to:


And add a new REG DWORD key named Smb2 (without quotes):

Name: Smb2

Set the value of this new key to 0 which will disable SMB2 (setting the value back to 1 will enable SMB2 again). Use this method entirely at your own risk.