A comparison between memory (RAM) usage when using SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree.

The tests were conducted using the following setup:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • SyncBack V9.3
  • Default backup profile settings were used
  • Files were copied from one internal drive to another
  • Compression was not used
  • Encryption was not used
  • Delta-copy was not used
  • Versioning was not used
  • The main window was visible while the profile ran, i.e. it was not run minimized
  • All test runs were unattended runs so the Differences window was not displayed and no prompts were made

SyncBackPro will automatically use disk space for information storage, instead of memory, once a certain point is reached (based on the number of files or the amount of free memory available). Because of this it can cope with an unlimited number of files regardless of the amount of free memory available (* see note below). The following results clearly demonstrate this:

  • 390,500 files and 3,905 folders
  • The average file name length was 94 characters
  • Normal backup where there are no files in the destination, so all files are copied:
    • SyncBackPro 64-bit: 208,820KB (203.92MB)
    • SyncBackPro 32-bit: 183,736KB (179.42MB)
    • SyncBackSE 64-bit: 300,136KB (293.10MB)
    • SyncBackSE 32-bit: 265,836KB (259.60MB)
    • SyncBackFree 32-bit: 262,488KB (256.33MB)
  • Normal backup where there are no differences, so no files are copied:
    • SyncBackPro 64-bit: 208,816KB (203.92MB)
    • SyncBackPro 32-bit: 183,824KB (179.51MB)
    • SyncBackSE 64-bit: 323,504KB (315.92MB)
    • SyncBackSE 32-bit: 286,152KB (279.44MB)
    • SyncBackFree 32-bit: 282,612KB (275.98MB)

The memory values refer to the peak working set (memory) of the SyncBack process. The key point is that with SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree, the more files there are then the more memory it will use. This is not the case with SyncBackPro.

With SyncBackPro you can further reduce memory usage (or use more) via burger menu > Global Settings > Expert and then setting the Memory Usage setting as appropriate.

(*) When using some cloud services SyncBackPro cannot use the database to store the file details and so is limited based on the amount of free memory.