Can I be notified of missed tasks (schedules)?

There is a per-Task option to 'Run task as soon as possible after a Scheduled start is missed'. This is automatically enabled by default in new Tasks. However, you should bear in mind the following caveats.

  • Windows sometimes calculates 'as soon as possible' as significantly later than you might expect: this can mean the backup starts running when you do not expect it, or has not safely completed when you expect it will have done so.
  • If the Task has been edited to include a -shutdown (or -logoff, etcetera) parameter in its command-string arguments, it will do exactly that after it runs, which may be in the middle of something important you are doing in the foreground. You may thus wish to disable 'Run task as soon as possible...' for any such edited Tasks.

SyncBack V11 includes the Scheduler Monitor Service which will inform you if a scheduled task has not been run: