Can I set profile defaults?

  1. Modify or create a new profile
  2. Go to the Settings page where you want to set the default values. For example, if you always want File Verification then go to the Copy/Delete settings page.
  3. Change the settings on that page to what you want the defaults to be. For example, if you always want file verification then enable the option Verify that files are copied correctly.
  4. Click the Click For Options button (in the top-left of the Profile Setup window) and select Save as defaults from the pop-up menu.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each page where that is available*, as necessary.
  6. Save the profile.

Any new profiles will now use those default settings.

* Note that not all settings pages offer the Save as defaults option - if not, this is by design, and is not a bug. For example, the Decisions-Files settings page does not offer Save as defaults, not only because it lists settings that potential overwrite/delete files but because choosing a profile type in the New Profile wizard pre-sets certain Decision settings. Having pre-saved defaults would thus conflict with the process of making that choice 'at the design stage'.