How do I have SyncBack automatically start when I login to Windows?

Select burger menu > Global Settings > Easy > tick 'Start With Windows' option.

If SyncBack is failing the start when you login, it may be because it requires elevation. This can occur if the user is a member of the backup operators group, for example, but not an administrator. To resolve this you need to set the task to run elevated:

- Start the Task Scheduler (press the Windows key and type scheduler, it should then show Task Scheduler in the start menu, click it)

- You may be prompted for your Windows login password, enter it then click the Yes button

- In the Task Scheduler window, on the left pane: expand Task Scheduler Library, then expand 2BrightSparks, then expand SyncBackPro (or SyncBackProx64, or SyncBackSE, or SyncBackSEx64), then expand your username.

- In the right pane, there will be an entry to start SyncBack (it's name will be just SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE and the Trigger will be "At log on"). Double-click on it to modify it.

- The properties window will appear. At the bottom there will be the checkbox "Start with highest privileges". Tick that and then click OK to save it.

- Logout and log back in.