My firewall is showing your program is trying to contact Why?

When an update check is made (either manually or automatically) the program contacts our web server to see if a new version is available for download.

You can disable automatic update in via burger menu > Global Settings > Easy > untick 'Check periodically for new versions' setting.

This check can also be made manually by the equivalent Update Check option on the Help tab.

No personally identifiable information is transmitted at any time. The latest version number is simply read from the server, and then compared internally to that of the installed version.

SyncBack may also contact our servers to get the status of Upgrade Assurance. To do this it must pass the serial number being used to our servers which then checks the status of Upgrade Assurance.

My firewall is showing your program is trying to contact Google. Why?

SyncBackPro/SE includes Runtime Intelligence, a tool that provides totally anonymous feedback about the way our software is used. This information helps to drive improvements in functionality and ease of use. The majority of this feedback provides us with information about what features are enabled. No personally identifying information is noted or tracked, and nothing about your usage can be traced back to you. The help file contains more details.

To switch it off, select burger menu > Global Settings > Runtime Intelligence > untick "Enable sending of anonymous usage data..." option.