Compressed file contains a different file than expected

This error occurs when using a profile that compresses each file into its own file, but a compressed file contains an unexpected file. For example, a file called should contain just one file and it must be called abc.txt. If you have a file called and it contained something else other than abc.txt, e.g. xyz.exe, then the log file will contain this error message.

You may also get this error if you upgraded from SyncBack V3 Freeware to SyncBackFree V6 or newer. SyncBack V3 Freeware was not Unicode enabled. This means it had issues with filenames that are not in English. When using Zip files it stored the filename in a non-Unicode format. This is incompatible with most 3rd party Zip utilities and is also incompatible with SyncBackFree.

If you are not using Zip compression in any of your profiles, or you are only using English filenames, then you will be unaffected by this issue.

If you are using Zip compression in any of your profiles, and any of your files have non-English filenames, then SyncBackFree will not be able to correctly retrieve the filename from the Zip file. One solution is to restore your files, using SyncBack V3 Freeware, and then to recompress them using SyncBackFree. You should modify the appropriate profiles to use a different folder (or Zip file) to avoid using the old Zip files.

Note that both SyncBack V3 Freeware and SyncBackFree can be installed on the same computer at the same time if you need to carry out this procedure.