I want the source to be my compressed ZIP file, not the destination. How do I do that?

Modify the profile and click on Easy item in the list on the left, go to the Type settings page, and select the second option (to copy Destination to Source, the exact text may be different depending on the labels you have given to your locations).

Note that you cannot unzip files from a compressed Zip file directly to FTP, cloud, etc. They can only be unzipped to a file system. If you want to unzip the files in a Zip file to FTP, cloud, etc. then:

  1. Create a profile to copy (unzip) files from the Zip file to a directory on a filesystem.
  2. Create a profile to copy the unzipped files from that directory to your FTP server, cloud, etc.
  3. Create a group profile and put those two profiles in it (with the one to unzip the files being the first one in the group).
  4. You can then run or schedule the group profile.