SyncBackPro/SyncBackSE incorrectly reports there are no files on the FTP server

In some rare cases, usually on old or very basic FTP servers, SyncBackPro/SE may incorrectly state that there are no files on the FTP server. When SyncBackPro/SE asks an FTP server for a list of files it asks for a list of all the files (included hidden files) and all the details about those files (e.g. size, last modification date and time, etc). However, when asked for a complete and detailed file list, some FTP servers incorrectly report that there are no files in a folder. 

To fix this, you must modify your profile, switch to Expert mode, go to the FTP -> Advanced settings page, enable the option "Use custom LIST command" and enter LIST in the edit box (below the option). Note that if you use this option, then the FTP server may not return all the information about files on the server. Therefore, we suggest enabling the Fast Backup option to ignore destination scanning.