Possible cause/cure for network freeze when running backups in Windows 7

We have received indications from some users that a complete network freeze when attempting a backup (often to a NAS device, but not certain if this is always the case) can perhaps be traced to a setting in the network driver named LargeTaskOffload, TaskOffload, Large Send Offload, or similar. If this setting is enabled, then in some systems it causes a total network freeze (lock-up, etc) when attempting to send large volumes of data across the network (such as might be generated by backup software). This then requires a complete reboot to clear/unlock the network infrastructure. It may be limited to the client PC, or may in fact lock up the destination also.

It is likely this will not occur during the scan stage of a profile (when the load is lighter), but this is not proven to be the case.

Several users have reported that disabling this setting solves their problem.

It is possible this might affect other versions of Windows, but so far has only been reported regarding users of Windows 7 64-bit.

2BrightSparks cannot guarantee changing this setting will solve your issue - nor can they accept responsibility for any untoward consequences. The information is supplied without prejudice, and you try it at your own risk.