Internal Error (Exception in RunTheProfile: the file exists)

This error can occur when running a profile and your temporary directory has a large number of temporary files in it (over 65,535). To resolve this issue delete all the files and folders in your temporary folder (you may be unable to delete some as they could be in use by Windows itself or other programs). To quickly go to your temporary folder using Windows Explorer: click Start (or hold down the Windows key and press R), type %temp% and press Enter.

(The above quick-access method leverages a Windows Environment Variable (TEMP) - an alternate EV (TMP) also exists. In most systems, these both point to the same location, but you can check by using the same method with %tmp% to be sure. Note also that these are the user-specific temporary folders, not the system (non-user-specific) variant, which SyncBack does not use)