Setup has detected that SyncBackPro/SE/Free is currently running. Please close all instances of it now, then click Ok to continue, or Cancel to exit.

The installer program has been advised by Windows that the main EXE file for the product in question is loaded into memory, and the EXE file is thus locked (cannot be overwritten/updated). Some common reasons for this are:

  • an instance of the program is open but hidden, possibly because it is Minimized To Tray. If so, note that the tray icon may be hidden by Windows due to this syndrome (Windows 7 & later). Remember also that if you have the program set to Minimize On Close, it will do just that if you click the [X] box upper right, or right-click the upper-left icon on the title-bar > Close, or use Alt-F4. The only way to close the program with this option selected is to click the Exit button (with the door picture) bottom right.
  • an instance of the program is running on a Schedule behind the scenes (or, was running and is now locked-up due to a run-time error and cannot self-close)
  • you have a profile set to run On Login, and it is still running (possibly minimized to a tray icon, which Windows may then be hiding - see above)
  • an instance of the program is running in another user's session (if you used Fast User Switching or equivalent), and/or as Scheduled by such a different user

You can check if this is the case by using Windows Task Manager. Right-click an empty area of Taskbar > Start Task Manager > Processes tab (not Applications tab) > click Show Processes From All Users (very important - or hidden instances will remain so) > check for instances of SyncBackPro.exe (or SyncBackSE.exe, or SyncBackFree.exe) > right-click > End Process. Remember that a hidden instance of the program may in fact be in mid-run - although forcibly closing such an instance will usually at worst result in an incomplete copy of a file, you do so at your own risk.

(Windows 8 introduced an new-style Task Manager that does not have Applications and Processes on separate tabs (though by default they are Grouped By Type). Nor does it suppress processes from other users, but you may need to switch to the Details tab to see them.)

Rebooting the PC may well help, but bear in mind that if the program is set to Start With Windows, it very probably will, meaning you may be back where you started. It may be necessary to manually start the program, uncheck Start With Windows (burger menu > Global Settings > Easy tab). Then reboot again, and the program will most likely not be running thereafter unless you have anything Scheduled and by coincidence the Schedule triggered just after Windows started.

Another option is to reboot Windows into Safe Mode, then run the installer. Safe Mode suppresses almost all optional processes from starting automatically. If you are unsure how to boot into Safe Mode, please Google (etc.) for instructions specific to your version of Windows.

: please remember that as 'delivered' and as originally installed, SyncBackPro/SE/Free do not self-start in any way by any method. If you take no action (and decline the invitation in the installer to auto-start it once for you), it will sit on your PC for ever and never run. There are numerous ways you can configure the program to start, enable automated start-up, and/or configure external processes to start our software unilaterally. But whatever process started the program was configured by one or more users at your side somehow. We cannot remotely identify for you what process started the program (or is repeatedly restarting it), except for the above suggestions and possible workarounds.