UndeleteOnClick did not undelete a file correctly but another program did.

First note that if there were any changes at all made to the disk between the time the other program undeleted the file and the time you tried UndeleteOnClick then please read this article on why a file sometimes cannot be undeleted correctly.

If you can still undelete the file using the other undelete program but UndeleteOnClick is still unable to correctly undelete the file then do the following:

- Make an image of the disk that contains the deleted file using WinImage (free download here).

- Without the image of the disk we cannot help you.

- The disk image is required so we can undelete the file and see where the problem is. All disk images will be treated with total confidentiality. Disk images can be very large (depending on the size of the disk), so we will need to make arrangements with you about retrieving the disk image (see next point).

Contact Support with the the name of the other undelete program, which version of UndeleteOnClick you are using, and the full path of the file that is not being undeleted correctly. We can then make arrangements to retrieve the disk image from you (please also confirm the size of the image).