How do I configure HashOnClick to display hash values in lower-case letters?

By default (for easier reading) HashOnClick will display hash values using upper-case letters. To change it so hash values are always displayed in lower-case (for all users of the computer) a registry change is required:

  • Login as an Administrator.
  • Download this file to your desktop.
  • Double-click the file (or right-click on it and select Merge from the pop-up menu)
  • If you're using Windows Vista or newer then an UAC elevation prompt may appear first. Next, Windows will prompt you and ask you if you're sure you want the information added to the registry. Click Yes.
  • Reboot. Once rebooted HashOnClick will display hash values in lowercase.

For technical reference, HashOnClick will look at the following DWORD value in the registry:


If it is non-zero then lower-case letters are used. Note that this a a global setting and applies to all users. Once the value is created or changed you must reboot for it to take effect.