There are some "hidden" FTP settings which can change the way SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro uses FTP servers. Note that it is not recommended you use any of these settings unless directed to by technical support staff. Also note that these settings are global, meaning they will affect all of your FTP connections on all of your profiles.

The settings are stored in the Settings.ini file. To know which folder that file is in select burger menu > Global Settings > Settings. If you wish to add or change any of these settings you must close SyncBackSE/Pro, open the Settings.ini file in Notepad, make the changes, then start SyncBackSE/Pro again.


Note: Beginning with SyncBackSE/Pro V5.3, this setting can be overridden using the Use LIST command without options option (FTP->Advanced). If this option is enabled then the FTPListPatch setting is ignored (it is equivalent to FTPListPatch being set to zero).

This setting defines which parameters are used with the LIST command. By default the -al parameters (value of 3) are sent. To change this you must use a bit-mask (add the values) of the following values:

  • For a long list (-l) use 1
  • For a list of all files (-a) use 2
  • For a list of links use 4
  • To use the -T option use 8
  • For a recursive list use 16 (do not use this!)

For example, for a long list including all files:



Note: You can force this option in a profile by enabling the option Do not use MLST and instead use LIST on the FTP->Advanced settings page for a profile.

If the FTP servers supports the MLSD command then it will use that instead of LIST. Some FTP servers, however, incorrectly implement the MLSD command or do not include all the information in it. To force SyncBackSE/Pro to use LIST instead of MLSD then set this value to Y, e.g.



When SyncBackSE/Pro connects to an FTP server it will always ask it what features it supports. However, on some broken FTP servers, this can cause problems. To stop SyncBackSE/Pro sending the FEAT command set this value to N, e.g.:


Note that this means SyncBackSE/Pro will no longer use any advanced FTP features, e.g. it will not use MLSD, or MODE Z compression, etc.


There are also some hidden settings that may help with FTP performance: