0x80041324 The Task Scheduler service attempted to run the task, but the task did not run due to one of the constraints in the task definition

This is an error that arises because there are 'constraints' ('Do not run if...' and/or 'Only run if...'), some of which are set by default (by MS) in any Windows Scheduled Task. If you see the above error in Last Scheduled Run Error column or the equivalent in the Schedule information dialog and/or other locations, it means one of these constraints 'suppressed' the launch of the Scheduled Task (and thus, of our software)

Unfortunately, Windows does not tell you which constraint caused the Task not to start, and you may need to employ a process of elimination. Note that SyncBack does not change any setting from the MS default for a new Task, and these settings are not in fact exposed by our interface into the Windows Task Scheduler service. You would need to access them direct via the Windows Task Scheduler interface direct (they are on the new Conditions tab of the Task).

Bear in mind these settings are Task-specific - you may need to individually re-configure multiple Tasks if you have them, and the constraints are causing you problems.

One issue that has been reported a number of times is that it appears Windows sometimes misinforms the Task Scheduler about the Power status of the machine, and seems to inform the Task Scheduler that the machine is running 'on battery' when it is not (this has been reported to occur even on machines that do not have a battery, such as servers). This can cause  the constraints that prevent Tasks starting if this applies (or to Abort a Task if it apparently becomes the case) to trigger. Simply disabling these power-based constraints may solve the issue, but of course if the machine does have the capability of running on battery (but sometimes claims it is when it is not), you may need to weigh this decision carefully.

Applies to: SyncBackPro/SE/Free