Display problems with high DPI screen

Display problems related to high-DPI screens are resolved in SyncBackFree/SE/Pro v7.6.18.0 (and newer versions of SyncBack).

For older versions of SyncBackFree/SE/Pro, you have to modify the manifest file to resolve the visual issues on high-DPI monitor screens (as described below):

SyncBackFree/SE/Pro v6.5.22.0 introduced changes to the manifest file to help with compatibility between the Delphi display routines and such high-DPI screens. In some rare cases, this change may actually cause problems, in which case you can modify the manifest file that comes with the program.
  • close SyncBackFree/SE/Pro
  • locate the folder in which the program is installed
  • locate the manifest file (called SyncBackxxx.exe.manifest - where xxx is the 'model' of the software installed, Free, SE or Pro)
  • open this file in Notepad and carefully remove the section

    <asmv3:windowsSettings xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/SMI/2005/WindowsSettings">

  • leave one blank line ('white space') between the section previously above the asmv3.application section and the section previously below it
  • save the edited file
  • restart Windows (to clear any previous manifest information Windows may have cached)
  • restart SyncBackFree/SE/Pro
There is no need to modify the .nonadmin version of the manifest file (Pro/SE only) unless it is in use (if so, you will presumably have renamed it to the same name as above anyway); search this Knowledge Base on 'manifest' for situations where that might apply, but generally, you will already know if it applies to you.

If you make a mistake, you can simply re-install the program using the last installer you have available (or download the latest version, if the last installer is not to hand). This will regenerate the original manifest file(s) as per factory settings. You could also keep a copy of the original manifest file in a separate location for roll-back purposes (by making a copy beforehand before you edit it)

Unfortunately, if you need the manual manifest edit to achieve correct display on your particular screen, you will need to repeat the edit after each program update. Do not be tempted to paste a copy of the originally-edited manifest back over an otherwise-updated installation (or similar), as the new default manifest delivered with any program update may have other necessary changes that need to be preserved for correct operation. An older edited manifest copy may not contain the correct entries for other aspects that change(d).

Applies to: SyncBackFree/SE/Pro v6.5.22.0 and later