GMail 2-step Verification - using with SyncBackPro/SE/Free

If you are using SyncBack V8 or newer, then you can simply use a Linked Cloud Account or use OAUTH2 authentication for the Login type. There is no need to use application specific passwords. The information below is for V7 or older.

You can use SyncBackPro/SE/Free with GMail accounts where 2-step verification has been inaugurated by simply creating and using an application-specific password in GMail after logging in to the GMail service:

You simply use the application-specific password in SyncBack (instead of the password you would use to log in to GMail manually) with your normal Gmail address for the account in question.

In theory, this should work with other services that offer the same facility, but has only been tested with GMail, and is thus not guaranteed. Other services may have different solutions or methods.

Applies to: SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree.